wedding wedding and one more wedding

Once again I haven’t been here in forever. Scott and I decided to elope (well semi) … We had a small ceremony at our church with just our parents and basically it was a prayer ceremony with our own vows at the end. So to say life has been hetic is quite mild. First fusing our two homes into one (his and boy could you tell just boys lived there) also he has an 8 year old son so that takes some getting used to (on everyone’s side). Its a big adjustment peroid, but its going well and we are finally able to gain focus again (instead of just mooning over each other constantly… though we do still do that a bit ūüôā¬†¬†
So my family found out we eloped and all wanted a wedding. Plus id like to ware the dress and visit with all my loved ones. So we are having a full wedding June 23rd. And boy is that comming up quick. But its comming together.
If anyone knows a PHOTOGRAPHER in the area (upstate NY) lemme know … Im having a hard time finding one that is not outrageously expensive. Plus I m a little picky about the photos photojournalist/ b&w’s cause of my artistic tilt.
Otherwise havent gotten much painting done since FEB when we really got married have to make room for a studio here. Theres still lots of work to be done. But I will tell you waiting for the right person is worth it (as much as i dislike cleaning).
I hope all of you are doing well P.G. ¬†, and goodness … hello to you too hope all is well inyour lives. once we get a place to put the computer then hopefully this site will get a little more action.
Love that does what it says is a rare and blindingly beautiful thing.
Love is an action, and as with all actions you must choose to act.
Love sarah

One response to “wedding wedding and one more wedding

  1. Miss U so much~~
    Aha I hope to do this photographing job for U, well~~it is too late that.
    What I wanna to say….HappY Ever After!

    God bless your 2;)
    lots of LOVE
    painter G

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