A merry Christmas announcement ;)

Merry Christmas everyone and i hope you have a wonderful new year!
Thanks to all those who sent me Christmas emails its so nice to here from all of you.
Howdy to all those at the DDC. and Love to  all my friends in Bosnia.
For Christmas I went to Disney World in Florida It was a fun exciting and exhausting trip. There is so much to see and we had a couple of kids with us so we had to try to see it all!!! But the most exciting thing about the trip ?
I got engaged!!!  It was very special … It was 3 at the end of Christmas day. We were standing in front of the princess castle. The song ‘Someday my Prince will come’  was playing in the background and we were the last 2 people in the park. He gave me paper flowers -got down on one knee- held out a ring and said "will you marry me". it was all very ‘magical’.A few of the security people whistled and/or clapped. I said yes of course and we stood for a bit absorbing the moment (kissing ). . Then the cleaning lady started walking past to give us the hint to go … Scott glanced up as she tapped her wrist. Walking out down the main street (with the park all to ourselves) it was all beautifully decorated a voice came on over the loud speaker saying ‘we hope your time here has made memories that will last a lifetime’.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more special. Scott says God orchestrated it and i agree it was all so lovely and i feel so blessed.
I hope you are too in the upcoming year  and I love hearing from all of you.
Merry Christmas !
love Sarah
(new york)


ps im really working on getting back into the online thing just so much going on but hope you like some of the new paintings 🙂

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