from out of nowhere… the fall reentry blog

 to any one who still stops by here on occasion (here is where to put a bashful grin at my absence). Summer just isnt my time for being indoors. But as an artist ill claim my right to eccenctricity and overwhelming attraction to the beauty of creation as my reasons. 
Im going to post some new paintings hopefully within the next week. I just have to finish photographing them. If you’ve written me and i havent answered back… im not ignoring you … i just havent been online at all. so im going to try to play catchup with all those i owe contact to … and/or miss. to all those who continually blog faithfully (even year round) … i admire you.
 ps additionally i’ve fallen for a lovely boy and he muddels my brain quite a bit 😉

2 responses to “from out of nowhere… the fall reentry blog

  1. Hey my friend. It\’s good to see that you are still happy and goo goo in love. We are all fine and I will give you a full report later. Got to go. Stay cool.

  2. Nice to know you had a good summer and looking foreward to seeing some new works.  As ever be well.;  Stephen

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