Contact and Rates

  • Art Work:

Most art work here is available for sale. Prices will be updated as time allows. Prints can be made available upon request, however it is preferable, to the artist, to sell the original painting. If you are interested in a painting feel free to contact me for a price.


  • Photography sessions:

Happy kids make the best photos, so relaxed and easy-going is what you can expect. No hurry up and smile. If children are having fun they are naturally beautiful. In case you can’t tell, children are my favorite subject to photograph. And families are fun too.

  • Rates:

There are 2 rates options for photos,

My per session flat rate fee is $70. This is applicable for personal sessions and family sessions.

Each session receives a CD with lots of photos for you, you can print or share what you like. If there is travel outside of Gloversville, Broadalbin or  Mayfield there is a small fee for gas, depending on where you are located. 

I also offer a pay what you like option, as I would like all families to be able to have beautiful photos of their children, regardless of finances.

Sessions can be scheduled, for details on times and to discuss prices please contact via the form below, or give me a call.


  • Mosaic:

Rates for mosaic installations are on a case by case basis, depending on size and the complexity of the design. Each piece is one of a kind and we will work together, during the design phase, to create something you will love.

 Most wall installations, and smaller independent pieces, are created off-site and then brought to your home and, if needed, installed.


Please note that phone is my preferred contact method.

Mailing Address:

S. Goodbread
P.O.  Box 1092
Broadalbin, N.Y. 12025
Phone: 518-883-1038
Text: 518-774-5018
 Email:  Please feel free to use the form below to contact me.