If you were to ask me what kind of art work I do, usually my first response is, I am a painter. I started out in acrylics and inks while I was traveling, because of ease of transport and dry time. For most paintings I currently prefer oils. Murals are acrylics.

Mosaic Artist

Lately I am working more with stained glass mosaics. I enjoy the color, depth, and feeling of permanence.


I love photography for capturing a beautiful moment. I do hold portrait sessions, for families and children, and I have done Graduation sessions. I’m currently working on a new Story Shoot option.

Personal Artistic Statement:

Welcome. And feel free to look around to and see if there is something that touches you.

Mostly in my work I attempt to reflect things that move my soul, important things we may have forgotten in our busy lives.

Some subjects are addressed through a philosophical standpoint, others are deeply personal and still others are,

Simple elemental things our eyes recognize, thoughts our spirit moves to meet.

 Spiritual things impressed, upon me, during quiet moments of reflection.

The work found here details the realty of life as seen through the eyes of an artist who is deeply in-love with God and all He has created. It is not religious  work but it is relational.

Contact Info


painting, mosaic, sculpture, photography, poetry, writing.

S. Goodbread’ s artwork can be found internationally (Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Italy, France, and England) in private collections great and humble.