none greater

At the beginning of a new path ready and waiting to fall off the cliff, I am closer to love than i have ever been.
In Christ i stand and watch the world whirl by and even this earthly tie is dwarfed by His majesty.
My joy is given by Him. People to love, old wounds healed, moments turn to hours of freedom from fears.
And all these things He gives they make me happy.
But nothing makes me happier than my time with Him. His presence is immeasurable bliss.
To bring my King Joy motivates my moves. I will do any thing He asks me to.

What makes Him happy? Our searching for Him. Our acceptance of His gifts.
When we allow ourselves to be known by Him and He can finally show how He loves each and every facet of all He has made.
‘I LOVE YOU’ He shouts and we turn away. Ironically. from that which consumes our being.
To be loved for who we truly are, below the surface in our unknown abyss where we think no one could ever see.
Let alone loved, and eagerly embraced without bias. We are ready to be Loved.
YOU as you are. Me as I am.

We stand within God awaiting His command, yet He abuses no power and waits for us to acknowledge him. How gentle He is.
This Love is almost more than i can stand. Creator of the Universe wanting to know me.
Waiting to Give. Waiting to Amaze me, little me, with His power. “WATCH WHAT I CAN DO”  My Lord you are perfect.
Fractions of our Lord are found in those around us. We are all a piece of Him as our children are of us.
If i could understand what makes true happiness in each life,
I would still see only a small part of what our creator can be to us. He is infinite if we will let Him be.
‘Close your eyes my child’. He will out grow the bounds of your imagination.
He will wash you away in a flood of Love you never thought possible. He is in-Love with you.


And that will never change whether you accept it or not. But it is FREE and who couldn’t use more love?
Love you dont have to pay for. No cost. No pain. Please take it.
Someone made you from the ground up simply to know you. No other reason.
We are beautiful. Let yourself be known.

3 responses to “none greater

  1. Hey there…
    Beautiful artwork! quite a talent you got there 🙂
    oh, great entry too! Our lord is absolutely great!
    Take care!

  2. Sarah, Love your site.  Its very inspirational.  LOved your art also, so wimsical and fun.  The cow was my favorite as my husband and I collect cows from the chicago cow parade and a few of the others.  You seem like such a fun person who really is spiritual.  I\’ve been studying about God and the Universe and how it all comes together for years.  I\’ve had miracles happen and have always known I had a guardian angel.  Thank you for stopping by my site also and taking the time to comment.  My daughter just moved out a couple of days ago so maybe I will focus on my art again.  I hope I can enjoy life as much as you again.

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