Haven’t been keeping up as i should i know… but its summer 😉
Here are a few updates:
*as for the Juried show … The week i was planning on sending in my entry we had that massive flooding. I work in Emergency services so i was extreamly busy and missed the entry date. i didnt even realize it till the following wendsday. Oh well there is always next year and other shows. Thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement.
*the car i lost was relpaced by the nice man at the dealership by a newer one with AC and a CD player!! for only $300 dollars more! and i got a check from the insurance company. between the two the death of my old car was more of a blessing than i ever thought it could be. I ended up with a better car and more money tehe once again God is good.
anyway sending love to all of you and hope you are enjoying your summer.

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