Thank You

Yesterday… well yesterday was a day and a half. A friend and I went down state to do a little shopping. On the way down I felt a slight wobble in the front of the car and had an overwhelming urge to pray and pray hard. As I was praying I wasn’t quite paying attention to where we were headed and found myself in the wrong area of the city. No matter we pulled in to turn around and saw a book sale 80% off. Yay my fav, we stopped in.
I couldn’t find anything (which is unusual for me in a book store). We left. Pulling out of the shopping center was a nightmare, traffic was thick and hurried. All of a sudden we heard a loud SNAP and metal GRINDING. People in back of us SLAMMING on brakes, BLOWING on horns. We stoped moving. Getting out to look ,the front tire on the right side had decided not to turn along with the rest of the car and had broken off. Brake fluid was every where. A nice man got out of his truck and thought to help us push it out of the road, but it wasn’t budging. So there we stood on the side of a severely congested highway waiting for a tow and the police.
While we were waiting a lady stopped to see if we were ok, her vehicle parked between us and the car on the roadside. We were letting her know everyone was fine and someone SMASHED into our broke-down car, throwing it across the highway, into a guardrail. The car became a few inches shorter. Lucky we weren’t in it, and lucky her car was blocking us from flying shrapnel and the other car involved.
All I have to say is I could clearly see the hand of God in the entire situation.
It didn’t brake on the thruway, if it had we would have flown thru the air, rolling style, and most likely died (my car is/was a little rollerskate model Ford Fiesta hatchback). And if we hadn’t taken a wrong turn, we would have been on the thruway at that moment. Also it turned out right that I had bought nothing that day
Because the tow bill was $146.00 and I had $150.00 on me. I dont use/have credit cards. Everyone was pleasant and helpful despite the heavy traffic and extreme heat. No one got hurt. And to be honest I wasn’t really that bothered by the whole thing. The peace of God is a beautiful thing. Ask and ye shall receive.
His answer to my prayer;
  "this is going to break but I’ll make it as easy as I can for you, don’t worry, you know I’m always there for you."
Thank You Lord for once again showing you faithfull careful attention for my well being. Your love is all around me.  

One response to “Thank You

  1. God is awesome. He is in control of everything. I\’m so glad you are safe.
    Have you ever heard of Paul Delecroix?
    check him out.
    I\’ll be ready to buy a print from you next month, so get ready.
    Stay cool.

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