wedding pics

Hello everyone, just thought i’d post a quick update and a few photos from the wedding.
A little free advert. for our photographer (her name Heather-Bohm Tallman) she was excellent. We had a dinner murder mystery that was great fun and karioki (not sure how to spell that). It was at a beautiful spot up in the adirondacks.
We went to Greece for our honeymoon, it was lovely 😉
Also just got a new puppy 😉 We are still remodeling the house so still really busy … but my studio is almost ready so then i’ll be back to work as usual.
I’ve been taking some photos this summer for my creative outlet while i’ve no place to paint (and i’ll post those) but soon i can paint again … YAYAYAYA 😉 God  has REALLY been taking care of me. Thanks God.
hope alls well and everyone is doing fine.
love s
PS all these photos are copyrighted by Heather-Bohn Tallman Photography

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