excuse the jibberish, these thoughts are difficult to grab a hold of…

What a funny thing love is, sometimes it can sweep over every thing and consume you. Other times it is a vauge refrence as trials surpass all you have in you. But then there is a place where it just floats and is.
There is someone i love. i am not in love with him in as  is thought in most ways,  but i love him, with all my heart. am i with him? no. will i ever be? thats an irrelevant question. its not even related.
 Who knew life would be such a funny thing where you could love some one so? All their faults and virtues, only to love them for who they are. not what they are to you. I am not as wise in my current age as I wish I was, looking back I do see all the misjudgements and mistakes i’ve made. But I can love someone with all my heart just for what i see in them.
And i believe love without strings surpasses wisdom as it becomes the pure place it was ment to be.
So saying that. I love you. every facet and flaw. I hope you know and  if you find yourself in a dark place feel free to recall. It is more than friendship and bridged by something mysterious to me, and not what everyone else would make it out to be.  What kind of love is it? I dont know,  just love.

3 responses to “excuse the jibberish, these thoughts are difficult to grab a hold of…

  1. Hey Shara, or as I like to call you SP. I love this piece because of your honesty; but you did not make it raw or hit the marrow of emotion. I think that\’s why you drawing touch me so. They hit a place inside that is so tender thatt t can only be visually acessed. By and by the botttom line is, I know what you mean. I\’ve been on both sides of this equation. That why I know I\’m human. "Blood, marrow, and bone." Nerves of steel.I don\’t know if I would vote for Condi; but you are right , she is most brilliantly qualified. I think that a "Clinton vs. Rice" race would be the most exciting match since "Ali vs, Frazer".My famliy is fine, just keep us in your prayers.Thankks for the encouragement my friend; but don\’t be afraid to critque  my work. I need that and I will not take it personal. I promise. and remember I asked for it.

  2. Hi from preston; i think you  are  refreshing,and yes god is absolute!,and foremost…and present always..please keep our faith in tact… love ya!  p.s. stay in touch.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog .  I am my art…….it\’s always been part of me and always will be.  I greatly enjoyed seeing your pieces, as well, noting the strength and force in them.  Thank you.

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