Juried show pick?

Ok everyone im looking to enter a juried show in NYC and am only able to enter one piece. And many of mine are too large.
It has to be less than 42×42 framed so i am putting measurements on all the work here.
I could use some help…
I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on which one i should enter.
And thanks in advance for all your input.
Im leaning toward: Joy, or the ink Chaos.The sunflower field is another option. but open to any suggestions. With such a limited entry id like to choose a piece that is beautiful (or classically accecptable) and worth notice but also shows my style as it is the only piece any one will see. Id hate to have them love the piece i entered then be shocked/dissapointed because it dosent represent the rest of my work. 
Stoy…Essie as you requested… Some show info: Previous shows have held mainly classical type work. Its held in NYC and i believe one of the judges works (curator) at the Metropolitan Museum and another for a major art mag. Its an open Juried show so anyone can try to enter but with only one piece allowed for submittal its a difficult choice to make. More Info at the address below.
 Its being put on by the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Inc. their 110th annual show.




8 responses to “Juried show pick?

  1. That\’s a tough call Sarah! One of my favorites is "Really There", but I really like "joy" too. "Chaos" is very different, but grabs attention to itself which is good. Do you know what the past entries of this show were like or do you know who else is participating or who might be judging? If you have a feel for the show, you may make a better decision which one might do better.

  2. Dear Sarah,  Thank you for visiting the painting studio and for your comments.  I would select  Joy or etiher of the Sunflower paintings.  As ever be well.  Stephen

  3. Give us a clue… who\’s doing the judging; was there a show last year – if so what sort of things were successful?
    I\’ll post my vote another day, it\’s getting late here in England–

  4. I think the sunflower field painting would do the best in a show. My personal fav is Daniel.

  5. I like "what matters"……but I think the best submission would be the ink chaos..I think you\’re right on that…..in the end…go with your gut…send the one you think is the "THE ONE" for this show..and GOOD LUCK!!!!!! You\’re work is SO amazing!!!!!

  6. My pick is "JOY" I love the feel of the work and the happiness you feel from the girl in the work!   GHood luck in the show~!

  7. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by again….did you like the added pictures?   As for your jury show, I read the site and I think it\’s gonna be a tough one.  There are four of your paints I would choose from, IF WE SAW – detail, JOY, REALLY THERE & SUNFLOWER FIELD.  Hard to pin point just one, I couldn\’t do it with my own paints (I don\’t think they\’re good enough)!!  But if I had to pick, it would be IF WE SAW – detail.  Good luck and let me know how you made out!!

  8. Did you ever decide on a piece….and have you heard back, yet??? And hey, how\’s your summer going, S. Petrie???? I love the song action…I\’m gonna go check what mine is….do they have a 2006 version??? Have a nice day, yo:)

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