with You i change

each day passes
dreams change, or stay the same
all the time God’s calling my name
taking my heart making me tame
rejoicing in my wildness, adding fire to the flame
who i am and where i go. who knows
sometimes i wish the future shows
so i could make my heart safe, calm my head
what’s true? should i believe you instead?
everyone says the same. wanting me to change
but i can be just who i am
and with You, how i became
who i am and no changing that
so ill walk my lonely way holding tight to my hat
though the winds would have me
i cant have that

3 responses to “with You i change

  1. Dear Sarah,  Thank you for taking the time to vote at Spaces Hall Of Fame.  Good poem.  As ever be well.  Stephen

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Its an honour to be on the art ring and I will update my links for you guys soon, I just got a show tonight and tommorow that I have to prepare for 😉 Hopefully things are going as well for you.

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