a quick thought

This morning i had the urge to run franticaly with my camera and take pictures.Pictures of every one and everything i see. Blue dawn, pink flowered trees, small birds in flight, quiet town. How do you capture a moment long enough to see all it has to offer? To reflect its richness. I find myself longing study the fine details that bring everything to harmony. And we just pass thru on to somewhere, God knows where, and miss so much. Breathe in breathe out smell a rose, breathe in breathe out eat the strawberry in front of you.
And mourning… those chances gone as i stood (in the now) as one transfixed, hypnotized by the future. Moment my moment. Now gone. Swirling eternity unchecked.
Many days i do not even want to sleep for all that i could take in if only my eyes were not closed. Yet even there, there is a moment, a soft lit awakening and a chance to quiet my mind. And I pray to be always steeped in the now that I might not miss any moment. We are now. 

5 responses to “a quick thought

  1. Very nice thought! It is tough in our busy lives to quiet our minds for a little while and take in the finer things in life that we take for granted or don\’t notice at all. I get inspiration for painting when I use my senses more keenly to the simple things. God has made an amazing world waiting for our realization of that and our willingness to rediscover.

  2. Thank you for your comment, I shall return the favor.
    you take care, and come back anytime

  3. Thanks for the post, it\’s nice to be invited. The links list looks promising – at least the ones I have looked through.
    I shall browse more….

  4. I\’m not sure I know how to "participate" in the ring…is there a list of people I\’m supposed to post on my site??? Could you send me a list of link or something, Sara?:) hope you are having a great weekend….you do Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry GOOD work…that\’s my motto…besides rockin\’….to do good work:)

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