“Art Ring” update List

To make it easier here is a list of those included in the art ring
name… then their link . If you are would like to have this list easily accesible from your own site simply start a new list and copy and past the info in.
There is a quick link to this info on the left under ‘Art ring" updates. I put them into numbered lists for ease of identifying those you have and those you wish to add. There is nothing special about any list over the other, except for the new sites 😉
(ps with a few more blog entries this will only be accessible thru the link to the left)
List 1:
Sable’s Art Galery …  http://spaces.msn.com/sabelsart/
Kelly’s Art Space Kinda Place …   http://spaces.msn.com/artworkspace
Artistic Identities …   http://spaces.msn.com/artportal/
Art by Trout …   http://spaces.msn.com/artbytrout/
Art of Kauai by Pepe…   http://spaces.msn.com/pepekauai/
TEPER’ YA CHIBURASHKA…   http://spaces.msn.com/tkachyana/
John Wooldridge-Saturn’s Eye…   http://spaces.msn.com/saturnseye/
Dolby Art…    http://spaces.msn.com/dolbyart/ 
S. Petrie’s Art-o-Rama…    http://spaces.msn.com/jalopiehopper
List 2:
 Sofia …      http://spaces.msn.com/blu35ky/
Nancimila…      http://spaces.msn.com/nancimila/
Lucky Peter…     http://spaces.msn.com/888peter/
White Tiger Wendy…    http://spaces.msn.com/TheArtistWendy 
(new additions will go here as they are added and at each 10  i will start a new list still on this same page)

5 responses to ““Art Ring” update List

  1. I\’m just come to see how is our "Art Ring" going now.
    os far, it seems shaping up quite well 🙂
    take care Sarah
    Painter G

  2. Hello Sarah 🙂 Nice artworks, are you a design student or grad?
    Can I join your "Art Ring" too please? =P

  3. Hey Sarah!!!  how are you??  Art ring going very well!!!!  Ive been such a slacker for past while with holidays and being back to work and all kinds of extras!!  Hope all is well with you and thanks for stopping by again!!!  May try to a new one or 2 posted today.  cant seem to get time to be online for much more time then to do an email check!!!
    Anyway have a great week and take care

  4. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful website, you are really a talent artist, I like all of the painting in your space.This  is a great idea for all artists to see each other\’s works  n connect .when I had some good photo of my paintings , I will really like to join this ring too
    thank you,god bless you,Peter

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