“Art Ring” site Sign up

If your on msn and you would like to be included in a ring of art site’s feel free to leave a comment here and youll be added. More traffic for you and more thoughts on your work! And do the others a favor and put the list of the sites on yours so we can find each other easily (just copy the links under the art loop heading) !! Ciao
note: if you know of any sites that should be added lemme know the more the merrier
p.s. if there is any one who wishes to be left off or taken off this list feel free to let me know it is not a problem and is the a simple process of hitting an X

18 responses to ““Art Ring” site Sign up

  1. Sarah, thanks for the invite and sounds like a great idea. I\’ll put you in my blog list until you find more. Very nice work here! I like "really there" very interesting and wonderful colors! Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  2. Dear Sarah,  Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your comments.   It is my pleasure to join your art ring.  Your space has been added at the Painting Studio.  Have a great Easter weekend and be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. Hey Sarah
    thanks for dropping by my space and would love to be added to  your art ring.  I see you Hit Suli up as well:)  he has great work.  I jst picked up paintbrish couple years ago, and still have no idea about painting . i simply take paint(whatever kind i have) and put on paper or canvass.  Anyhow, i have a disc with some of my older paintings somewere and will find the disc and add.  thanks for that and lets keep it rolling
    KONG   (JOEY)

  4. hey again
    wow seeing soem great spaces with alot of interesting artwork, great idea i think and passing on the word to whoever i can about teh ring..   Finally got my last paintings up and posted, check i tout:)
    cheers Kong

  5. Sara, thank you for the invite, I\’ll do my best in painting I\’ve stop this game for a long time. by the way I\’m not that good in colors I just deal with pincels is it ok.
    and yah you have a really really professional art right here .. wish you luck..

  6. hey everyone Happy Easter.  ive been busy the past few days but should have some new paintings/drawings up soon. and ill have a chance to stop by some sites see some art and hopefully get some more for the art ring. soon . sarah 

  7. Hey Sara……thanks so mucho for coming over and inviting me to the ring…awesome..and I wanted to tell you….wow..I love your work above….do you paint and cut and paste stuff into some of those….great work….I\’m gonna go join, now:)

  8. Hi sarah…
    Thanks for dropping by to my space. I\’d love to join the art ring. At the moment I have  taken out most of my work. Painting and art has always been a hobby. I\’d  put up some of my work soon. Mostly they are pencil  charcoal work. But I love doing colours as well. I love the art you have put up. Are they all yours? They are very good. I especially \’really there\’ and \’proceno italy\’. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for the visit to my msn space and the invite to your ring.. very good idea! I would love to be added to your ring. I dont update my msn space like I should, but you have inspired me to keep it up a bit. Have a great weekened! I\’ll add you to my site links on my page. Nancimila

  10. Sarah, thanks for visiting my web site, I\’m glad you like what you saw.  A lot of it is work in progress — lol.  As you can see at by web I\’m a busy person with poetry, photography, and my paintings.  I would love to see more of your works in painting, the tiger is my favorite as I have a White Tiger tatoo on my shoulder (and pictures all over my houses — LOL).  Agiain, thanks for stopping by and I would love to be added to The Art Ring.  All can visit my site at:  http://spaces.msn.com/TheArtistWendy     Enjoy!!!

  11. hello  sarah,
    I would like to join your art ring.I\’m new to spaces so how do I go about doing this?Please leave me a message.Thanks

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