I cannot say to you do this
We stand right now within ourselves
Who’s to say what we think
where we allow our thoughts to flow
when have I asked to see your insides?


it is all too rare
no one inquires after our internal
consumed with what we see
your thoughts follow that pattern
forgetting ourselves
how have we become so shallow?


here is your soul; I bring it to you on a platter
here it is for your eyes to see
craving it is unfulfilled
fill it, feed it, allow it to grow
it needs the light, hope faith love


fill it with light
a stomach with no use, don’t feed your belly
remember your soul
eternally it is of consequence
how will you leave it? and
when will you feed it. What? it craves?
will you continue to pretend it does not exist?


I stand up to say
“remember your soul”
“cease to be ignorant”
“yearn for the light” open your eyes
your heart unhardened, and enlightened
the reawakening of your soul


it has fallen asleep, so long has it waited for sustenance
yet still you deny
deny no longer, withhold no longer
It is your own soul
release it from its torment
your weeping will cease
flow deeply, what are you afraid of
finding yourself beyond the cover
who’s to say what great things are hidden within


if it all falls away, you are left standing naked
bare for the discerning eyes
perhaps you have grown ugly within
whose to say, but I know
I know you are able to be restored
do not fear the unknown
fear the death of your soul
fight it with all that you have
with the strength of thousands
armor and knife in hand
it is a cause worth your blood
it is you.


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