Why is there so much Fear?

Why are people so unwilling to take a leap?

Why is something new so intimidating?

So you fail, big deal,

try something else, or try again,

we can all only do the best We can do. Why not enjoy our tries and failures? Why not enjoy the life we have been given without imagined fears or hurdles? Aren’t there enough real hurdles that life throws at us any way.

I say throw yourself in, live passionately, fail wonderfully, be the real inside you with gusto.

Fear is just your imagination playing tricks on you.

One response to “Why is there so much Fear?

  1. Some base their self worth and value on their success or skill. If they fail at a task, they feel that they are failures on a deeper level. Some were raised that way. I was not, but I know some who were.

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