Frustrating. Overwhelm me. I turn out to be
Inadequacy, impatience inside of me
unable to accomplish what I hope to dream
I stand waiting, watching everything
Struggling, sprinting, to nowhere,
Hello? God are you there?
I hunt for your will. Standing still and I stare.
Why? is it eluding me? What have I done
I have prayed, and keep on, feeling undone,
Up Prayer! I surrender, haven’t you already won?
I hand over my me to your only son, impatiently lost,
Hello God hello? Don’t go! Lord, what a cost

Tears are waiting; they set in my throat, eyes float
Where would you have me? Tell me, true
I’m in limbo, anything for you.
My dream dim, painted to be, desperate for you to show your glory,
Your grace vivid, dancing on walls,
Greater visions give my heart calls, my eyes are opened,
How pitiful I am,
So many lost, I do what I can.

meager life, Why am I in the middle? so little.
I give my paint and passion for you. What else can I do?
An evil voice laughs
in my ear, says to me
‘your not enough and you’ll never be’
He is the King of the universe and
I am ashamed. not even up to speaking your name.
I feel I must increase for you,
trying to give more than I should hope to
Giving up that I loved most, second to you
now I stand lost and cling to whats true

Adrift in the spiritual, with madness around
My Lord, My Christ let your Love abound
without the taste of your spirit, my heart starts to ice
but it is for you, let me not think twice
All I want is to serve, bring me hope as a dove
Let not one miss, the beautiful love, it inspires giving Glory to you, God above
And as I cry out, hear me still
I’m standing here waiting, wondering your will.

One response to “what

  1. Hey SP,
    I just popped in to look around. I like the song. You know July the 8th was my birthday. Where was your spirit when you wrote this. I think I\’ve been to that place. It\’s alright. He is still there with you, even when you feel alone.
    Keep your head up
    your brushes dirty
    stay cool

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