just another day

Today… The morning dawned beautifully with a gentle breeze and a warming wind. Sitting out side I could feel God and I was so thankful to hear the birds after such a long winter. My soul expanded to become part of the clouds, my peace was complete and love washed over me.


I hoped to hold that peace all thru the day, but as is with life things changed. I went thru a wash of tides and at the end was ready to sink. Sometimes in life we pin our hopes on dreams that only exist in our minds. My thankfulness was washed away as my imaginings didn’t appear. I placed my love in a dream instead of on the solidarity of an everlasting presence. And I wonder where I trip up (sarcasm).

Why do I put my hope in things that do not exist? Believe me my imagination is big and I fall in love so easily with things I daydream.


What does exist? God, His hope, this beautiful creation that surrounds us everyday, the people He has put in my life for me to love and learn from, passions He has placed in my heart (painting, adventure, serving disadvantaged people, joy in cultural differences).

What does not exist… petty distractions, unrealized worries, imagined outcomes.


Someday I hope to be excellent in all I’ve been given, and drop what is just a distraction.


And the end of my day, ends the same as it began I’m washed over by His peace love and acceptance, of who I am, perfectly without exception. My soul is expanded as my fears are laid to rest. Realizing the constant is the endlessness of eternity, a universe we cannot find the end of, time will out last me, and the immovable immutable love of my creator.

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