Everyday is an epiphany.

I’m stretched reaching for the mysteries of the universe. How small I am, my day here will blow away. I’m nothing.
And God whispers in my ear, ‘but you are a daughter of the creator of the universe. You are all you want to be, I got your back. I love you. I made you to shine.’
God: Are you saying you don’t like my work?
Me: Never Lord, but every thing you create is mind-blowing-ly beautiful, perfect. I get so easily lost in one moment. How can I live up to you, I can’t create a super nova.
God: Simply breathe and be. Your perfect I don’t make mistakes, your merely learning how to work the controls. And love and love and live and hope and share, these are beauty.
Me: I’ll try. But don’t laugh.
God: My daughter,you’ll still be and be carried.                       (In otherwords He’ll laugh)
God: You know I love you.
Me: I love you too.
Me: Thanks for the planet.
God: No problem, piece of cake.

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