love is in the little things

I’ve been dying for some paint and have been totally broke, I couldn’t even finish a painting I had started because I had run out of a few colors. 
Today was the last class in the paramedic program for the summer. Our school uses  ID cards for everything and once the money’s on the card you can’t take it off you have to spend it. So I thought ohh a spending spree … I’ve got $50 bucks left. I went to the store hoping for some paint, all they had was white oil and I needed other colors. I didnt see anything. Its not an art school so no shocker there. In any case there were 2 different prices on the white so I asked which was right.
" Its the more expensive one" he told me, " but I’ll give it to you for 60% off and I have a bunch of colors in the back too if you like I’ll give those to you for you at 60% off also."
Whooo!!! boy was I psyched. he said "some guy ordered them for a class he was teaching then quit" and he was now stuck with inventory he couldn’t move, and the school year was ending. I bought as much as I could with my $50 bucks and told him I’ll be back for the rest on friday.
I am so blessed by the love of my Lord. I didn’t ask for them but He knows my heart, saw what I needed and gave me something that would move my heart. Something just for me.
I am humbeled and overjoyed to experience this personal love of my lord. He constantly amazes me with how well He knows my heart. God is sooo good to me.

2 responses to “love is in the little things

  1. Sara, your blog has been a joy to follow! I went through a period where everything went wrong and everything that did was costly. The computer crashed, our cat had a stroke and needed treatment, and the only vehicle we had needed repair causing us to rent a car. The bills and the responsibilities mounted and needless to say, I had no way to afford to paint. It went on for about a year and it was very hard for me. But, even in hardship, there are lessons of value and love!
    My wife mentioned a radio show where a preacher discussed sustained grace. When in the wilderness, God still provides when we look to Him and trust eventhough things are bad. Things could be better, but they also could be worse and I am blessed to say that I had the means to work through that bleak period and move on to new opportunities which are also His gifts! Life is a rollercoaster, but much more when we decide to remain humble and see the chances to benefit from the ups and downs. There is much to learn when we are patient and willing! Thankyou for a great post!

  2. Hi sara!
    You R one of professsional artest I have never seen
    I\’ve saw you picture and the Tigerand  Sun flower is the beutiful
    I think  dog #2- sketch has a wonderful way to paint…. i like that way in paint bcz it\’s very simple
    Thank you to show us Ur beutifulart

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