in all the busy…sometimes i need to remember

I love God Jesus and my family. I love sunlight on my skin. I love Honesty and truthfulness of soul.  
I love Jell-o pudding pops.I love long talks with my sister.            
I love sitting next to my brother quietly and exchanging amused glances
I love playing with my youngest brother.I love Christmas chaos at family functions.
I love bee’s I love wild flowers and wind.  
I love clouds and having nothing to do but lay and listen to the earth.
I love riding in the ambulance with the lights and sirens on.    I love being able to help.
I love an unspoken thought passed between two people.  I love the vastness of God.
I love unconditional accecptance. I love skinny dipping.
I love runing as fast as i can. I love a warm breeze and a cool lake.I love a Mt. view.
I love conquering a hard task.I love coffee in the morning. I love opening a childs mind to endless possibilites.
I love doing what’s right. I love sleeping next to the window.I love being hugged and kissed by friends.
I love mercy.I love peace.I love the sacrifice of Jesus.I love long talks with God.
I love learning and growing.I love a quite moment of contemplation .I love a thought that unfolds like a flower.
I love my Mother and all that she is.I love my Father and all that he is.I love hope.
I love the light at the end of the tunnel.I love warm nights outside.I love good conversation.I love my friends.
I love painting for hours.I love riding a horse wildly thru a field.I love a gentle touch of reassurance.
I love trying new things.I love to see a new way of life.I love learning a language.I love this planet .
I love closing my eyes and listening and feeling.I love Kebabs in the middle of the night.I love dancing.
I love singing silly songs about nothing at all.I love concord grapes, mangos, and fresh fruit.
I love the mysteries of life yet to be solved.I love a good book.I love music.I love all that God is.
I love adventure.I love dogs.I love being on the ocean.
I love Charlie Chaplin and old horror movies with giant killer somethings.I love the wind on my skin.
I love God’s whispers.I love the people of Bosnia.I love the mysteries of Asia.
I love taking a nap next to someone.I love closeness.I love intimacy.I love touch.I love to ‘sieze the day’.
I love lazy moments.I love stretching.I love being barefoot.
I love when God’s hand comes in and moves me and things.
I love Christmas Pickles.I love eating an entire apple.I love flowers.I love heat.I love reading my Bible.
I love passion.I love a long hard hot day with a cold beer and a good conversation at the end.
I love learning new things about people I’ve known for a long time.I love butterflies.I love immagination.
I love comfortable silences.I love seeing people overcome obstacles.
I love Grandma’s homeade apple pie.I love my Grandma and all she is.
I love playing in the ocean waves.
I love losing track of time.
I love.
Unconditional, honest, pure love is a man’s greatest achievement.

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