Peace of Transcendence

A peace of transcendence.

Who can place luminosity into a touchable form?

And yet the hoards demand ‘PROOF’
‘something we can grab’
Would you roughly handle silk,
gossamer, or eggs?
What must I do? What? what?
What is required?
A question plaguing the innards of all mankind.
Is the answer too simple?
All creation found in Love.
Love the most powerful force,
yet hard to comprehend.
Love the essence of the creator,
we were made after Him.
Love the driving force behind sacrifice.
His sacrifice, His creation,
Our salvation.
What must I do?
Accept, believe, cherish, respond,
to a magnificence of love
beyond understanding.
In this world of pain
this one , constant, is my saving grace,
His Love.
Shall I torture you? beat you to death?
Force your mother to stand by in anguish,
and watch your face melt with blood?
Shall I cry out to my Father,
a blessing of forgiveness?
I am not strong enough.
No one is, not a prophet
not a man, not a soul on this earth.
except the Son of God.
Son of Man.
Whose vastness we cannot understand.
Who’s Father created the universe.
Whose depth of Love
we have only barely even seen.
Who loves you so much?
and so perfectly.
Tell me one, show me.
Ahh… you have none?
I cannot bottle my Christ for you to touch.
Close your eyes and feel Him,
He whispers in your ear.

2 responses to “Peace of Transcendence

  1. hi thanks for stopping by my space. your art is fantastic ,I would love to have half your talent  and your poetry is inspiring .you are blessed….

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